How We Can Help

Search your heart, search your tool boxes, and follow God's example, by lighting a candle of hope in the hearts of others.

  • Enjoying the garden using tools that are taken for granted.

    As we look out into our gardens and begin to see the very first shoots appearing, we appreciate how fortunate we are to be surrounded by the beauty of God's creation. When late winter turns to spring, without a second thought, we reach for the gardening tools which serve us so well in our gardens.

  • Tending the land using her hands; there are no tools available.

    Consider for a moment, those who are not as fortunate as the lady on the left; those who look out onto the land where the colours never change; those who are in desperate need of tools, simply to survive.

There is much we can do to help!

Tools With A Mission (TWAM), is a christian charity which sends tools across the world to those in need.  The charity relies on tool donations, and has a long list of "Wanted Tools" to allow them to put together 'trade kits' to help people to make a livelihood, and therefore more able to support themselves. 

Tools are sent to Uganda, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Malawi, and many more places, and gardening tools are only the tip of the iceberg; carpentry tools, electrical tools, builders tools, sewing & knitting machines, are only a few of the desperately needed items, which will provide people with the practical resources to help build their lives.

Take a look at the "Wanted Tools" lists below, and watch the video on our 'video clips' page, to find out more about how your tools donations can help........ do you REALLY need 3 garden forks, or more than one hammer.....?

We will host an 'Open Church' evning on Tuesday, 10th July 2018 from 6:00pm - 9:00pm where you can donate, old tools, spare tools, broken tools ........simply drop off your donated tools at the chapel, or stay and enjoy tea and summer scones, on a hopefully sunny, summer evening!

TWAM tool list

TWAM triage list