Minister's letter for Advent 2019

Advent 2019

“Speak to one another with the words of psalms, hymns and sacred songs; sing hymns and psalms to the Lord with praise in your hearts.” (Eph 5: v19

Dear friends, as I write this letter we are preparing for advent when fulfilling the above verse becomes special for many Christians as we prepare to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus for yet another year and await His return. This morning the carol ‘See Amid the winter’s snow’ and its chorus sprung to mind:

Hail, thou ever-blessed morn!

Hail, redemptions happy dawn!                                                                    

Sing through all Jerusalem:   

Christ is born in Bethlehem!

I have always enjoyed singing this carol, the Lamb of God cradled in a manger! Redemption is really here! Shepherds were the first to hear the good news and once again they are celebrated here. Verse five has always spoken to me the most though:

Sacred infant, all-divine,

What a tender love was thine                                                             

Thus to come from highest bliss

Down to such a world as this!

The King of Kings and Lord of Lords down to such a world as this! As we journey this season of Advent and celebrate by lighting the advent ring, let’s remember the words of Jesus, ‘I am the light of the world.’ Let’s rejoice in the light of Jesus, all around us it seems this year there is ill will, selfishness, evil prejudices, and hatreds persist! Never mind a general election; it seems more like general dismay. So, let’s be the difference at this time and light up our homes, places of work, our communities and most importantly our church. Embrace His light.

Angels singing peace on earth,

‘Told us of a Saviour’s birth.’

With love and best wishes as always for Christmas and the New Year.

Rev Colin.