So much to say thank you for!


I cannot believe that I am writing my last article for the church newsletter. As I write it I am very much aware that I am also writing it for my wife Kay too; so if you don’t like parts of it then let’s pretend Kay wrote those bits but don’t tell her I said so! When we came to the Circuit in 2012 we only know one person and that was Juliet Wriglesworth so it was a whole new experience for us.  I know that Kay and I have been overwhelmed by the love and encouragement that we have received from most of the folk in the Circuit. You have ministered to us and have been Christ to us on countless occasions.

We have also appreciated the warmth and love that we have felt when visiting people’s homes and it has been a privilege to share the joys and sorrows with our people. A special joy has been to see people blossom and grow. To see them grow and to share in their lives has been a joy that words cannot express. I have absolutely loved the last year that I have spent with you at Blucher, Heddon, Milbourne and Scots Gap for you have loved, encouraged us.

There have been sadnesses too, especially those saints whom we have had to let go of; their memories still burn brightly within us. There is real joy to be found because we will meet again.

Another joy has been living in the glorious county of Northumberland. The beauty of the surrounding area has overwhelmed us and will cause us to return again and again.

Another reason to give thanks for is that you will have an outstanding team of ministers in the Circuit. I ask you to pray for them and to love them and their families in the way you have loved us. The Circuit is in safe hands.

I urge you to think what it means to be church and to wholeheartedly cling to those things that are precious to our tradition but to move forward in the Spirit. The greater challenge is for the church to dare and to take risks; to have the courage to wholeheartedly embrace new ways of worship and service that is attractive and engages younger people; to be a church that is relevant and leads people into a saving relationship with the Lord Jesus. Nothing else really matters.

You can do all things and much, much more.

 Kay and I move on and we hold you in our hearts.


“Grace and peace be yours in abundance through the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord.” 2 Peter 1:2


Love in Christ


Tim and Kay