Our Outreach Mission

Our members at Milbourne Church hope to make a positive difference in the lives of others for the purposes of Christ, whether or not those people will ever become part of our faith community.

We know that we cannot do this alone, and our outreach mission is based on the firm foundation of prayer; we are currently praying that the Holy Spirit will guide us in our outreach journey, and that we will be provided with the right words, to reach out and share the Good News with those in our community.

As a stepping stone for our outreach mission, we want to reach out to the residents in our local community in Milbourne, and we believe the simplest way of doing this, is to get to know the peole around us.  We do not want people to feel an obligation to come to our church, we simply want to sow some seeds, to encourage people to consider how lovely it may be to be part of a church family.

Milbourne Village Christmas Event December 2016

What better time of year than Christmas, to share the wonderful gift that God has given to each and every one of us.  We believe the true meaning of Christmas is not the gifts we give to each other, but the gift of Jesus Christ, who brought us the promise of unconditional love and eternal life.

To continue in our outreach mission, we were keen to have an event which could involve our whole community at this special time of year.  Following some discussion, we decided to hold a 'Tea Afternoon' in the chapel, with all proceeds to be donated to the Great North Air Ambulance (GNAA).  We hand-delivered our invitations, and we prayed that the Lord would bless the event with the attendance of people from our local community. How blessed we were - so many local people turned out to support the event, and with their generosity, we were able to raise £560 for the GNAA!

We hope that all those attending the Tea Afternoon enjoyed the event as much as we did, and we pray that they feel the nearness of the Lord as they celebrate this Christmas season. 

Milbourne Village Street Party June 2016

Let the party begin!

To initiate our outreach mission, we came together in the chapel one evening, to discuss the way forward, and Jeb and Caroline came up with the great idea of tying in the Queen's 90th birthday celebrations, with hosting a street party in Milbourne.

We knocked on the doors of our local community, and hand-delivered the invitations; we prayed that this face-to-face contact, and the coming together at the street party, would provide us with the opportunity to show that we are just ordinary people, and that we saw this event as something we could all enjoy together as a community.  We linked the event to our church and our christian faith in two ways, firstly by highlighting on the invitations, that our church would be hosting the event, and secondly, each household received a booklet "The Servant Queen", which highlights how every day, our Queen seeks to serve the King.

The event proved to be a huge success, and was attended by 120 people from our local community.  We are grateful to one of our local farmers for allowing us the use of his barn, and we are so pleased to have received some lovely 'thank you' cards from some of the attendees.

We are very much looking forward to our next outreach event; go to our 'upcoming events' page for further information